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Meet Rimya and Richard + Superhero Charms

Fav is brand built on empowering girls and boys to express themselves and we are proud to provide a platform and spotlight kids who are doing amazing things.  We recently had the opportunity to interview the dynamic brother sister duo - Rimya and Richard.  Rimya models, is an influencer, and aspiring actress. Richard is a influencer and superhero aficionado who collects comics/figures. How cool is that?  

Here is our Q & A with R & R, who inspire us with their kindness, creativity, and positive attitude!  You can also check them out and give them a follow on Instagram @i_am_rimya  

Q. What is your fav subject in school?

Rimya: Reading! It’s fun!

Richard: Math and reading to! Even though it’s a struggle with reading, I’m loving it!

Q. What’s your fav color?

Rimya: Pink and purple! Well blue too! Can I like them all? Except red....

Richard: Red. That’s it!

Q. What’s your fav thing or food?

Rimya: I love plantbased burgers and fries!
I collect Rainbow high dolls, ...and plushies.

Richard: My favorite thing is collecting Funko Pops! My favorite food is plantbased chicken nuggets and plantbased grilled cheese sandwiches. And barbecue sauce.... barbecue sauce is life.

Q:  What is your most fav advice someone has ever given you?  

Richard: My mom! She always taught me to do what you want in life and never let the judgement of others stop you from being you.

Rimya: My mommy taught me that everyone is beautiful in their own way! Can I included us hunting for rainbow high dolls? Oh that’s not advice?! Sorry! Next question!

Q:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Rimya: A mommy! Or Rainbow Dash from my little pony. Probably Rainbow Dash.....

Richard: I have no many things I want to do. But my goal for now is working for Funko.

Q:  What causes mean the most to you?

Richard: Angel tree and toys for tots! We donate every year. Christmas is our family’s favorite holiday and we love giving to others. Every year we give to a kid our current age. It’s cool!

Rimya: Yea. I like shopping for the items!

Q:  What words would your friends & family use to describe you?

Richard: Nerdy, talkative, shy around others....until I get to know you!

Rimya: Silly, funny, and my daddy says I’m diva...whatever that means. But I like it!

Q:  What is your fav part about being you?

Richard: I like being myself. Even though I’m a nerd that likes comics and video games. I wouldn’t change for anything.

Rimya: I love being myself....that’s it.

Richard: That’s it?

Rimya: Yep! NEXT!

Q:  How would you describe your style?

Rimya: Fun and bright colors! Matching...sometimes....I’ll wear costumes if we are just going to the store. My parents say I’m a free sprite!

Richard: spirit Mya.

Rimya: yea that!

Richard: Comfortable. Superhero shirts, jeans, beanie hat on my dreads, converse or vans. I’m good to go.

Q:  What is your favorite Fav charm and bracelet color and why?

Richard and Rimya: We love the customize option!

Richard: I really like uniqueness so the fact we can customize is my favorite.

Rimya: I feel the same!

A thank you from them:

Richard: Thanks so much for the interview! I would love to do more!

Rimya: Thank you for this interview! It was fun!